The New Teacher Experience
Teaching Channel Presents: Season 3
I really loved the authentication displayed here.
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I think this video really emphasizes on how important it is for teachers to really be engaged with their students and how important it is to build that relationship with them
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This video makes me realize that its okay as a teacher to make mistakes and learn from them and just keep improving your self . I love that fact that throughout the process your not alone there you have mentors to help you in this journal .Just as any teacher experience reflecting how you began and where you are now its the most greatest achievement since, you can see how far you grown .
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I think that going into the first year of teaching, we ourselves set up unrealistic expectations about how our career is going to turn out. The truth is, the issues that will arrise are unpredictable and it takes an entire teaching career to learn how to take on each individual one. This video showed me how important it is to have a mentor who has the experience and can be a support system in telling you that you are not alone and that overcoming the first years of teaching is possible.
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It is always a good idea to observe many different teachers so as to collect ideas, You can get some nice ideas on how to deal with difficult situations and begin forming your teacher persona. I still visit classrooms after 16 years,
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