New Teacher Survival Guide
Lesson Objective: We’ll follow several new teachers and their mentors as they focus on essential first-year skills from lesson planning to classroom management to differentiation. This hour is filled with useful “do’s and don’ts” for new teachers.
Teaching Channel Presents: Season 3
Excellent resource for any new not just the new ones. We can always use a REFRESHER!!
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Differentiation is an excellent strategy but requires pre-planning and preparation. In addition practice is needed in order to become more effective with this strategy. A detailed plan needs to include tiering and scaffolding to ensure student engagement and success.
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Sometimes, I find that I expect too much out of myself at one time. I like how the video commented on the fact that learning how to differentiate your classroom, for all learning styles, is a process. I feel encouraged.
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I appreciated the statement " a teacher who differentiates responds to diverse needs of students... to address the multiple intelligence of all students."
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I loved the idea of giving students on different levels assignments based on their level of understanding of the concept.I found this video very helpful but believe that if schools were on a one to one technology level, assigning students different assignments would be easier. I have found some ideas I will begin to use.
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