Teaching Channel Presents: Perseverance & Problem Solving
Lesson Objective: Watch full one-hour Teaching Channel Presents public television episodes online. Go to http://www.teachingchannel.org/tv-schedule to see TV schedule for future episodes.

Thought starters

  1. We'll visit several classrooms where the most important thing students are learning is the value of making mistakes. You'll witness the sense of accomplishment that comes with problem solving, trying again, and making progress.?
I enjoyed the teachers' emphasis on science and engineering and the fact, it is important to learn from your mistakes and to try again; until you see your next idea actually work. In addition, students learning from each other that sharing ideas and planning together helps solve problems.
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I like the math in the edible cars! The collaboration of the groups allow for students to have several opportunities to problem solve and those are great strategies for student engagement. The design challenge of the EGG Hamlet allowed students to differentiate their thinking on their own!
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I love all of the strategies I see in here. As usual, you have my brain whirling trying to figure out what I can use this year and what has to be filed for consideration for a different group of kids. Are these available as mini-videos where we are able to see the different hand outs used? My students this year are really struggling to figure out how to think on their own (6th grade). I'd love to use the, find 3 ways and the cube lesson to help encourage that independent and peer thinking rather than constantly asking me to do the thinking for them. I love the Common Core for really highlighting the need for that higher level thinking.
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