Series: Success at the Core: Active and Exploratory Instruction

Fraction Manipulatives
Lesson Objective: Use manipulatives to build understanding of fractions
Grade 6 / Math / Fractions

Thought starters

  1. Why does the teacher use the "build it, draw it, write it" method?
  2. How do the fraction strips and circle graphs contribute to student learning?
  3. What steps does the teacher take to help ensure the effective use of the manipulatives?
And that's where I struggle for those students who do "get it" and don't need the math manipulatives to show their work. I almost feel like "Am I wasting their time by requiring it?" But then I remember, having that concrete, tangible model WILL help with more complex problems later on if they can SHOW it to help explain their thinking. I tell that them too.
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Models are critical for developing mathematical thinking.
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Thank you very much. It is a very good teaching method, I can use it in my class
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I like the build it, draw it, write it sequence. I think this will some of my learners remember their work with fraction strips better, because it adds additional learning modalities than just modeling.
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This is awesome!!!
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Covington Middle School
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