Series: Engaging All Students in Common Core Math

Teach Kids, Not Just Math
Lesson Objective: Engage and connect with students
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Thought starters

  1. How did Mr. Pack's mindset shift affect his teaching?
  2. What does Mr. Pack describe as the benefits of collaboration?
  3. How can you communicate to students that you're interested in teaching kids, not just?
Such a great perspective.
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Exactly.. sometimes you can teach little ones and give them the needed patience becuase you believe that they need to learn , they still young and started the school. But when you are hit by adult to be kids you presume that they know what you are saying and you expect the understanding from the first lesson. But you really got shocked when you realize that they need bigger heart and patience to teach them and not just giving them the lesson and leave. It is really good to try teaching different ages. Actually we learn how to deal and manage dealing with every stage needs. I liked this clip.. Good Say.
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wow, truly a paradigm shift we need to make teachers aware of.
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You are dead right. It is teaching kids first. The vehicle you use comes next.(i.e. the subject you teach.) And each pupil will need to be understood by you in order for them to understand the ideas you are teaching. (differentiated teaching.)
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  • Teach Kids Not Just Math Transcript

    Chuck Pack [in class]: Did you learn anything today?

    Chuck Pack: When I came to Tallequa

    Teach Kids Not Just Math Transcript

    Chuck Pack [in class]: Did you learn anything today?

    Chuck Pack: When I came to Tallequa High School to try to teach an Algebra 1 course, I'd been teaching mathematics at our University and had done that for 2 years. In those first few days, I was dying. I had no idea how to classroom management. I had no idea how to talk to students. And I had a principal who said to me - it's a key phrase in my life now - "you're not teaching mathematics, you're teaching kids." And until I had that paradigm shift that I'm teaching kids, what it means to be big people, what it means to be adults - it was a struggle. And I finally got what he understands about 12 weeks into that first year.

    Chuck Pack [in class]: So, now each of you have to answer what you think it is. Having those other colleagues collaborating with me, helping me to develop strategies - made me better. They are the ones that have made me strong.


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Tahlequah High School
591 Pendleton Street
Tahlequah OK 74464
Population: 1183

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