Series: Success at the Core: Relevant and Real Content

Grounding Content
Lesson Objective: Think about how class content connects to the real world
Grade 8 / Science / Relevancy

Thought starters

  1. How does the teacher connect minerals to his students' interests?
  2. According to the teacher, why is it important to generate real-world connections?
  3. In what ways do you ground content for students in your class?
Students were engaged and processing.
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"Science is a foreign language" and "language takes time." I love how Mr. Olive gives his students opportunities to construct their own definitions and time to practice using those definitions; he is not the deliverer of knowledge but the facilitator of learning. Thank you, Mr. Olive!
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Great example for content literacy, understanding the language of science through hands on activities and understanding student population.
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Great how the students were processing.
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Every word that is given context and produces importance will create a deeper understanding and have a greater chance of sparking some interest. Having students see the minerals, work with them, and learn how they are used in products will have an impact.
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Wilson Middle School
902 South 44th Avenue
Yakima WA 98908
Population: 818

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Keith Olive



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