Illustrating Democracy: Art Brings Words to Life
Lesson Objective: Explore concepts of government through visual art
Grades 3-8 / Arts / Social Studies

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Vitti activate students' background knowledge?
  2. What keywords does Ms. Vitti focus on?
  3. Why?
  4. How does Ms. Vitti engage students in reflection?

Using art in the classrooms is scary for teacher especially for teachers that do not know how to draw. That is my case, where creativity in arts is not one of the areas I can domaint but I would like to learn and practive more. Ms. Vitti goes through a process of voabualry to drawing and how the drawing represents social studies. And how it helps visual learners understand the topic better. And demonstrating the art in the classroom to have an open mind in the classroom. 

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To start off I like how the teacher is getting the students to recall keywords that they remember from the article they read. This is very important to do because as a teacher you are teaching them so much at once sometimes that you could worry that the students will not remember them all. So by reviewing the students get to re-explore key ideas. I like how this teacher is reviewing by creating still images with the students. This helps those visual learners who need to move their bodies or even just need to see a picture to understand keywords. Creating art can do just that because even if you are not very good at drawing you also get to see another aspect of what you are learning.
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Thank you for sharing! Very inspiring lesson! Looking forward to apply some of it in my practice.
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Great work! I would like to be able to use different subjects in order to teach a class. It sounds like a great way of incorporating different styles of learning into the classroom. Do you collaborate with teachers of other subjects too to make these lessons?
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I like how art is corporate in teaching history whereas students, regardless their drawing skills, can draw according to what they see and how they interpret the meaning of their drawing base on what they have learned. This activity enable students to share their point of view on political matter.
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