Exploring Chemical vs. Physical Changes in Science
Lesson Objective: Engage students by actively exploring physical and chemical changes
Grade 5 / Science / Lesson Cycle

Thought starters

  1. What activities serve as scaffolding during the engage, explain and explore stages?
  2. Note the varied ways in which students learn about physical and chemical changes. How can Ms. Oles quickly assess student understanding of the types of changes at the end of the lesson?
Great work Ms. Oles! Anytime students can touch, feel, design (and smell) something, they are more engaged than just reading from the textbook.
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I know that students love hands-on science. It's great to see it in action! :)
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Great lesson. I really enjoy and get a lot of ideas out of looking at these lessons.
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I can't agree more that hands-on is the way to teach science to kids. Where do you find your calcium chloride? I love the idea of showing them the temperature change, along with the fizzing. I also love the lab coat! :-) Thanks!
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Loved this! Could you share the lesson plans? jeana.jernigan@hallco.org
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