Series: Five Essential Practices for the Teaching of ELLs - Elementary

Using Technology to Collect Classroom Data
Lesson Objective: Collect and analyze formative assessment data
All Grades / All Subjects / ELL

Thought starters

  1. What are the benefits of recording students' academic conversations?
  2. What are the benefits of storing student work digitally?
  3. How does Ms. Dearlove use the data she collects?

A question to ask: when you keep your smartphones on to record the academic conversations, does the noise level from the rest of the class distract from listening succintly to the  conversations?

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Just a would be great to pull the groups back to the table and let them listen to their conversations in order to determine how they did using a rubric! What a great way, also, to set conditions for learning early in the school year!!!
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I absolutely love how you used the recording device to collect evidence of accountable talk, partner work, depth of conversation, etc. What a great way to hold students accountable for more rigorous conversations while being able to manage group conferences around the class. I also love how you can take pictures of their work and match their work to the recording! Fantastic!!!
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I like this strategy. It gives the opportunity for both the teacher and student to hear and learn from student interactions. The use of technology is a key element because it can be easily referred back to.
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I found this video to be interesting . It gave me a reminder to use th resources I have readily available to me in the classroom already . I also like the idea of taking pictures to be able to show students evidence of their growth over time. I also really like how the teacher recorded group sessions , so it allowed her to still be apart of the group discussions without being present , I find that could be useful for future planning to help target more focused areas of teaching
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  • Using Technology to Collect Classroom Data Transcript

    Speaker 1: One way I collect and organize formative assessment is using technology.

    Speaker 2:

    Using Technology to Collect Classroom Data Transcript

    Speaker 1: One way I collect and organize formative assessment is using technology.

    Speaker 2: I think that the shark [inaudible 00:00:20] their enemies.

    Speaker 1: I like to use my smart phone to record students, so that when I'm not there I can really get a gauge on where they are and what's happening at that time in that moment. I just listen to the conversations. Are they on topic? Are they using the language? How can I help them go forward, or what are they doing that is good that I can actually write down?

    Speaker 3: I think probably the sharks eat them with the belugas probably.

    Speaker 1: I'm noticing when I'm listening to this is Walter dominated. However, they went beyond the conversation and still on topic, so that was good.

    Speaker 4: Brandon, can I talk? Can I talk?

    Speaker 1: I think they need to learn how to take turns better. Maybe I could partner Hector with someone else. I got Nancy and [Jillese 00:01:14]. Today after I did the recordings, then I looked at the paperwork right away because it's fresh in my mind. Otherwise, it gets in a pile. I also like to use an iPad to collect information, and manage it and monitor students, and it's all in on place. I can also share that with the student. Look at what you did first, and now look where you are.

    Speaker 5: The color are doing red, black and yellow.

    Speaker 1: The pros of the technology are to have better data, so that therefore I can plan better.

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