Text What You Learned: Using Technology to Assess
Lesson Objective: Use texting to assess learning
Grades 9-12 / All Subjects / Word Clouds

Thought starters

  1. How does this strategy benefit both the teacher and the students?
  2. If all your students don't have cell phones, how could you adapt this strategy?
  3. What does using word clouds add to this strategy?
This is great! I would like to use this technology in my classroom as well.
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Awesome way to use technology in the classroom. It also helped the teacher to manage time and complete something else (passing out the papers). I believe it was a great strategy and gives the students something to look forward to.
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I will definitely use this technology in my classroom!
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What a cool way to use technology in a classroom and at the same time get students motivated to give feedback in a private way. I will definitely use it.
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I love this activity. Great way to keep attention and have 100% participation.
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    Interviewer: All right, so you should have out your cell phones please. We’re gonna do a little texting this

    Interviewer: All right, so you should have out your cell phones please. We’re gonna do a little texting this morning.

    Usually we’re asking kids to put their cell phones away, but today I wanted them to use their cell phones to text in some formative assessment for me.

    Text to this number, 37607.

    Once they started to do that, up on the screen pops up all of these sentences about what they learned yesterday. A couple of neat things happened. First of all, the students all have this affirmation because they see their idea, their learning, very public for all of us. It’s anonymous, which is really nice in a context like this because students are then able to I think be very honest about what they did or didn’t learn.

    This has been really helpful for me because I know now exactly where we’re at, and the things that we can build on and the things I want to make sure to clarify. I want to turn this into a word cloud.

    And so within about 90 seconds, we’re able to take everything they texted, put it into a word cloud, and I can see very quickly what the overarching learning was yesterday.

    Yeah, we’re feeling pretty good about archetypes it looks like.

    This is also instant. I can walk around the room, and I can hand out papers. And at the same time I can be glancing up, and seeing what people are texting in. And so I am able to have a real clear sense of where the class is gonna go today.

    All right, so let’s kind of take this, and since you’re feeling really confident about archetypes, maybe we should start there.

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