Taylor Mali: In My Middle School
Lesson Objective: NYC teacher-poet shares a vision of the almost perfect school
Inspiration / 21st Century Schools

Thought starters

  1. How can we view the school year as "one big science fair"?
  2. What about this vision can you implement in your school/classroom?
  3. How is Mr. Mali trying to get us to think differently about what happens in the classroom?
  4. How do his ideas support 21st century skills?
I teach a college class of potential teachers and his video presentations and his ideas are awesome for young and old teachers alike. He succinctly expresses the real passion good teachers have for their jobs and how they can help kids. All I can say is.....SUPER JOB Mr. Mali...can I be in your class!!!!!!
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You have sparked so little fires in my mind and heart; kids need your middle school. Why does it seem so difficult to make those sort of ideas come to fruition? I pray that I can take a tiny part of that spark and turn it into a huge blaze.
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Thanks for reminding us of the wonderful possibility of what our schools could be!
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So cool!
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Mr. Mali had me for a moment there, as I wondered, "Where is this school and can I visit?" I am the coordinator at an IB middle years school and a workshop leader for other IB Americas teachers. This is the kind of interdisciplinary curriculum we seek, but only rarely are able to achieve. Great inspiration for my next workshop!
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Taylor Mali



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