Taylor Mali: In My Middle School
Lesson Objective: NYC teacher-poet shares a vision of the almost perfect school
Inspiration / 21st Century Schools

Thought starters

  1. How can we view the school year as "one big science fair"?
  2. What about this vision can you implement in your school/classroom?
  3. How is Mr. Mali trying to get us to think differently about what happens in the classroom?
  4. How do his ideas support 21st century skills?
I love this explanation of exploratory education in a structured and meaningful curriculum! Students struggle with so much just trying to learn things that they simply don't connect to life learning. When learning a curriculum designed specifically for career investigation and exploration, we are teaching life lessons and supporting students sparks! So inspirational! THANK YOU! (P.S. When you get this started, I would love to work with you!)
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In my middle school orchestra, we are in this mindset. Students can write arrangements of music they listen to on their smart devices. They use their own apps for tuning the instrument before playing; metronomes for keeping a steady beat. Student maintain a practice journal in which they reflect and log information on their practice and the ensemble work. They audition for performing jobs in the county's Honor Orchestra, to perform for special school events, and for the performing arts programs around the county.These are adult musician behaviors. This is why I love to teach middle school orchestra! Thank you for talking about your vision for the middle school community.
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I love your middle school which makes more sense than the Common Core.
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If the students had the awareness of what lie within their curiosities and actions already-- the potential to succeed and follow their potentials and interests. Yes, modifications, more knowledge, and proper directions are to be the necessary added ingredients (each day)--- but they have all needed within, like gems in a cave.
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Amazing vision...imagine how many kids would LOVE school because it had meaning and purpose! This is a great video to share with those I work with doing professional development. I would love to be a part of this- because it WILL happen! Thank you for your vision.
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