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The Workshop Model
Lesson Objective: Work on various components of an advertising campaign using the Workshop Model
Grade 7 / ELA / Workshop

Thought starters

  1. How would you describe the teacher's role in this classroom?
  2. In what ways does this lesson illustrate differentiated instruction?
  3. How does the Workshop Model help the teacher address his students' various learning needs?
This method is very interesting. Any suggestions on how I could do this with a science class?
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You could have students take on a relevant ethical question based on the science topic you are covering. For example, if you're studying genetics have students create an ad campaign persuading people about a genetic topic--designer babies, stem cell research, etc.
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I'm developing my understanding of the workshop model, and really loving what I'm seeing so far. A couple of questions: 1. How do you equitably grade when some students have 1 brochure complete and another group has a brochure and a full children's book? The rubric focuses on showing skill, which I think is totally correct, but how do you make kids see the fairness? 2. This is a writing only class, yes? I teach English I in a high school; therefore, I am responsible for reading and writing in 55 minutes. How can I effectively use a workshop model when I'm pressed for time?
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I am a practitioner that uses the workshop model and believe it provides differentiation, explicit teaching, immediate feedback and prompting. This was shown here and it was easy to see the range of students and their engagement. However, one missing part was the Share component of the workshop. All parts are equally important. I am disappointed this was not mentioned and valued.
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This is my first time seeing The Workshop Method. Can I ask, how do you deal with due dates? If everyone is in a different place, how do you take grades by a certain time? Just wondering about the logistics. Thanks.
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Shaw Middle School
4106 North Cook St
Spokane WA 99207
Population: 601

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