Series: Success at the Core: Support Structures

The Workshop Model
Lesson Objective: Work on various components of an advertising campaign using the Workshop Model
Grade 7 / ELA / Workshop

Thought starters

  1. How would you describe the teacher's role in this classroom?
  2. In what ways does this lesson illustrate differentiated instruction?
  3. How does the Workshop Model help the teacher address his students' various learning needs?
I like this idea but it is hard to catch the ones that are at different places to get caught up.
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I've been to multiple training sessions that focus on the workshop model, and I love it. This makes me excited about teaching. My question is-- how do you make this work with apathetic students? Group work is difficult in my school as a whole, because the majority of our population simply does not care about education. Any ideas?
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This is my first time seeing The Workshop Method. Can I ask, how do you deal with due dates? If everyone is in a different place, how do you take grades by a certain time? Just wondering about the logistics. Thanks.
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School Details

Shaw Middle School
4106 North Cook St
Spokane WA 99207
Population: 601

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Aaron Allen


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Grades 9-12 / ELA / Tch DIY