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Common core State Standards

  • Math:  Math
  • 3:  Grade 3
  • NBT:  Numbers & Operations in Base Ten
  • A:  Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic
  • 2: 
    Fluently add and subtract within 1000 using strategies and algorithms based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

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Talking About Math: Sharing Strategies
Lesson Objective: Share solutions and mathematical thinking
Grade 3 / Math / Student Voice

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Saul create an environment in which students are comfortable sharing their thinking?
  2. What are the advantages of having students share different strategies for solving problems?
  3. Why does Ms. Saul ask students about the importance of mental math?
Really interesting to see the thinking process behind the calculations articulated by the students themselves. Builds several layers of ELA skills in addition to math!
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I was inspired by the strong and articulate student voice in Jen's classroom and also the incredible and supportive culture that she has clearly invested a lot of time and energy into creating. Would love to see more about how she started and built that culture.
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I watched all 5 videos yet found myself wanting to know more about this incredible teacher. Are there more teaching strategies she can share? How did she develop her techniques? Is administration supportive? Are parents supportive? I vote for strapping a live Webcam to her head all day! I did see a few redundancies in the videos. For example, the skip counting song and fast facts are covered in similar fashion in videos 1 & 2. The use of the document camera is in #4 and an earlier one, and the decomposing/composing mental math exercise is shown in #5 as well as an earlier one. I'd like to see more material on her, but with as little duplication as possible. One last thought, structuring the series as 5 short clips may contribute to the material reuse issue. Why not 2 or 3 longer pieces instead? Just brainstorming.....
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This is a wonderful example of the Standards of Mathematical Practice in action and shows that the SMP are every bit as important as the content pieces in the Common Core. Thank you, Mrs. Saul for sharing your students and their understanding of mathematics with all of us.
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Awesome! It is obvious that she cares about learning and the learners in her classroom. They all felt safe and appreciated. Bravo Mrs. Saul!
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  • Classroom Close Up: 3rd Grade Math: Carlos & Sara Present Their Solutions with Jennifer Saul

    Narrator: Carlos and Sara

    Classroom Close Up: 3rd Grade Math: Carlos & Sara Present Their Solutions with Jennifer Saul

    Narrator: Carlos and Sara are students in Jennifer Saul's third grade class. In this Classroom Close Up segment, we follow them during one math lesson.

    Jennifer: "So, before we start our Mental Math, I'd like a review of why we do Mental Math. Why even bother? Sara?"

    Sara: "We do Mental Math because there's math all over the world."

    Jennifer: "Ah...Carlos?"

    Carlos: "Like, when, when, like you're somewhere without pencil or paper, you have nothing to draw on, to check Mental Math, you can just do it in your brain. So, like, math is everywhere."

    Jennifer: "Math is everwhere. You're right."

    Carlos: We did Mental Math and in Mental Math we did splitting, jumps of ten, and decomposing.

    Sara: My favorite is decomposing.

    Jennifer: "Sara"

    Sara: "I used decomposing. I broke 65 into 60 and 5. I broke 25 into 20 and 5. I added the 60 and the 20 and I got 80. I added the 5 to the 5, and I got 10. I connected the 10 to the 80 and I got 90."

    Jennifer: "Show if you agree. Me too. Somebody solve it with another strategy, another Mental Math strategy. Carlos?"

    Carlos: "I used splitting. I split 65 to 50 and 15. I added the 50 to the 25, equal. The 50 to the 25. That equal 75. I added the 75 to the 15. That equal 90."

    Narrator: Later in the lesson, students are given a word problem and asked to solve it in three different ways, and share their solutions with the class.

    Jennifer: "OK. Could I please have Carlos come up? Thank you so much. So, Carlos, explain to us what you did. Presentation voice."

    Carlos: "I added all the two's first. 2-4-6-8. I put the eight down. I added. Then I added the ones. 1-2-3-4. Then I put four. Then I added the fours. 4-8-12-16. I put the six down. I carried the one. Then I put the one down, and it was 16 and... $16.48."

    Jennifer: "Do you understand his thinking? Great, Carlos. Let's give him a round of applause. Ready?"

    Carlos: You don't supposed to be afraid of going up there, like, they're all your friends, still. Like, if, if you say something wroing, they, they don't do nothing. They just, like, correct it by thereself, but they don't say like "You're wrong." Then, but, you, like, you don't have to be, like, like nervous or nothing.

    Sara: When you go up there, you know that

    Jennifer: "Sara"

    Sara: it's like we're a whole family. We're all friends.

    Jennifer: "Can yo show how you did this? What did yo make first of all?"

    Sara: "First I made a table. In the first two boxes, I put teachers and amount. For the first teacher, it's gonna cost $4.12, then for the second teacher, I added 4 plus 4, $4.12 plus $4.12. Then, I got $8.24. So, I put it there for the second teacher. For the third teacher, I added $.840, 24 cents plus 8, $4.12. Twelve dollars and thirty-six cents. For the fourth teacher, I added $12.36 plus $4.12 and then I got 6, $16.48."

    Jennifer: "We need to give Sara a roller coaster cheer. Ready?"

    Sara: The cheer feels good 'cause you know that you did a great job.


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