Tips on Closing a Lesson Effectively
Lesson Objective: Learn the ingredients of an effective plenary/lesson wrap-up
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Thought starters

  1. How can a plenary provide important reflection for both students and the teacher?
  2. What are some of the things that can go wrong with a lesson wrap-up?
  3. How do these tips help students consolidate and solidify their learning?
Very interesting in how it was presented to encourage a student to get involved in the Learning Objective or even a share in the lesson plan. Nice strategies to help students to focus during the lesson and be reminded of how to follow up on what they have learned or need to improve upon.
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Great opportunity for rich discussion with teacher candidates. Thanks
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As I watched this video with all its thoughtful ideas, I realized that one could use as a way for everyone to post ideas, feed off the ideas of others, etc. Simply project it as the students are typing their responses.
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Still looking for quality kinder closure activities. This video offered a wide variety but they are mostly suited to older groups.
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Great ideas. I would have liked to have had a hard copy of the material presented in the video.
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