Graffiti: A Digital Identity
Lesson Objective: Create a digital identity by designing a graffiti 'tag'
Grade 10 / Arts / Graffiti

Thought starters

  1. How does Mr. Leichnitz use the content to motivate students?
  2. What transferable ideas are developed as students design their tag?
  3. Mr. Leichnitz views technology as a way of accomplishing a larger goal. How does this help him truly integrate technology into the learning?
Amazing project. The topic is relevant with the emergence of street art as an actual art form and not just vandalism. I'll be doing this project this year in my graphic design class. Thanks!
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Really amazing. What we could do if all the kids had computers to use! I do wonder if he ever gets all the elements covered, if he feels he has taught all the basics of art, because it is obviously much more time consuming to also integrate teaching software with the art lesson.
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The concept of expressing yourself visually speaks so well to any age group. Going beyond this idea, I can see ways to incorporate what students have learned into other academic areas such as reading strategies, big ideas in history, character development, etc. As a teacher of core studies only, time constraints prevent me from teaching the technology involved, but students can differentiate based on existing skills and/or learn from each other. Thanks for sharing!
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I love the lesson and how he builds the units but what I'm taking away is the term "digital nomad." My students learn about ancient nomads and we make links to today and I'm going to use this term now as I think students will connect with it - thanks!
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I enjoyed the video on the graffiti. I have not used any digital help in my own classroom except a video. I think the use of digital computer help would be very useful in this future lesson for me.
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