Observation Exercise: What Do You Hear? (Uncut)

An Observation Challenge -
Part 1

Finding an Observational Focus:

What Do You Hear? (Uncut)

Take Notes:

While watching this Uncut Classroom video (raw video footage), post your observations in the comments section or download the Observation Worksheet in the Supporting Materials below. Don’t forget to include the time code in your comments.

Questions to Consider

  • As you listen to the language used in this class, what do the students say? What does Ms. Brewer say?

  • Where does the learning occur and what does Ms. Brewer say (or doesn't say) to activate it?

  • Sometimes what we DON’T say is just as powerful as what we do. What DOESN’T Ms. Brewer say that creates learning opportunities for students?

When you've finished watching this video, go back to the Challenge to to watch Sarah's Think Aloud.

Supporting Materials

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  • Taking Notes On What We Hear.PDF

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